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decimal worksheets thousands of printable activities - these worksheets can help your students review decimals number concepts worksheets include place value naming decimals to the nearest tenth and hundredth place adding decimals subtracting decimals multiplying dividing and rounding decimals, number line worksheets super teacher worksheets - cut out the parts of this number line and glue them together this number line includes numbers one through ten this cut and glue number line begins has a range of zero through one hundred when you attach all of the parts it s about nine feet long kindergarten and 1st grade number line 50, nlvm number operations manipulatives - nlvm manipulatives for number operations abacus an electronic abacus that can be used to do arithmetic base blocks illustrate addition and subtraction in a variety of bases base blocks addition use base ten blocks to model grouping in addition base blocks decimals add and subtract decimal values using base blocks base blocks subtraction use base ten blocks to, number sense activities education com - to use our web app go to kids education com in the web browser you can bookmark this url for future access or download our app guided lessons by education com on your device s app store, number systems and bases betterexplained - well i really think we live in a base 9 system if you ask me consider this 0 is a non number and you don t get 9 until 9 is complete so the turn over is at the end of nine and when 10 starts it is just a fraction until 10 is complete which is really just a one again so the end is at the end of nine or when we actually have nine in possession so we have nothing with a zero so that is not, random org true random number service - random org offers true random numbers to anyone on the internet the randomness comes from atmospheric noise which for many purposes is better than the pseudo random number algorithms typically used in computer programs, search text file using c and display the line number and - i require help to search a text file log file using c and display the line number and the complete line that contains the search keyword, mrs renz s 4th grade class math websites for students - note from mrs renz my hope is that my students love math as much as i do play learn and enjoy math as you browse through this collection of my favorite third grade through high school math sites on the web, excel number format to convert number of month to name of - to use any type of format excel needs to understand what the number means there is no basis for excel to know that 1 12 means jan dec this means that you need to add functions or some other basis to translate it if you want that cell to display it as a month, why am i getting a error when passing an integer to a - i don t see the difference between the code that works with the one that fails but both of them should fail the first parameter on the decimal data type is the max number of digits that your number can have in your case its 16 the second parameter is the number of digits reserved for the numbers at the right of the decimal points, a visual intuitive guide to imaginary numbers - imaginary numbers always confused me like understanding e most explanations fell into one of two categories it s a mathematical abstraction and the equations work out deal with it it s used in advanced physics trust us, game boards free game board template by teaching with - game boards game boards can be used with any subject or lesson game boards are perfect for math and or literacy centers just print laminate and let the students have fun check out these other themed game boards and scoot activities that are exciting for, q a minitab maestro - here is the gist of a question that i replied to in another forum q can someone advise a conversion method for phone number formats i have many phone numbers in multiple formats and i would like to convert them all to numbers for comparison