Mercedes G56 6 Speed Manual Transmission -

dodge g56 6 speed rebuilt manual transmissions parts - see detailed parts illustration for the g56 g56 6 speed manual select the g56 parts you require from the following list and give us a call the ratio s of the g56 are 1st gear 4 01 2nd 2 32 3rd 1 40 4th 1 00 5th 0 72 and reverse3 55 the g56 was designed as a replacement for the new venture nv4500 5 speed, g56 transmission sale dodge ram 2500 3500 mercedes - performance built dodge g56 transmission sale our mercedes benz g56 transmission was introduced in 2005 for use in dodge ram 2500 and 3500 series pickup trucks the g56 six speed manual transmission replaced the nv5600 with higher power input it is capable of handling over 600lbs of torque, dodge 6 7l cummins g56 transmission 2010 2019 - 2010 2019 6 7l dodge cummins g56 manual transmission since mid model year 2005 cummins equipped rams sporting a manual transmission have been equipped with a g56 six speed the g56 has proven to afford a smooth quiet operation in comparison to its predecessor the nv5600, dodge g56 manual transmission repair parts rebuild kits - dodge g56 manual transmission parts g56 shifter parts g56 input shafts and a total g56 transmission rebuild kit the g56 manufactured by mercedes benz and used on dodge ram trucks beginning in 2005 had some reliability problems when facing aftermarket add ons where engine power was increased all g56 6 speed transmission parts are, g56 nsg370 6 speed catalog transtar industries - g56 nsg370 6 speed catalog the mercedes benz g56 is a heavy duty 6 speed manual transmission found in various ram hd pickup and medium duty commercial truck applications the nsg370 is a top shifting longitudinally loaded transmission, cummins 6 speed g56 transmission disassembly - how to rebuild a mercedes benz 6 speed g56 manual transmission in a dodge ram with a cummins turbo diesel for assembling 1st 2nd reverse gear https, dodge cummins diesel g56 manual transmission performance - the mercedes benz g56 six speed manual transmissions were first used in dodge cummins applications in 2005 where it eventually replaced the new venture nv5600 the transmission was not a selectable option for 2005 you either got the nv or the g56, g56 transmission oil comparison carbonitecummins - g56 transmission oil comparison by flopster843 02 sep 2012 the g56 is a 6 speed manual transmission found in 2006 dodge trucks behind the 5 9l and 6 7l cummins turbo diesel the transmission is manufactured by getrag which is a subsidiary of mercedes benz, list of daimler ag transmissions wikipedia - list of daimler ag transmissions daimler ag produces a number of automobile transmissions mercedes benz mercedes benz uses the number 722 to identify an automatic transmission 9g tronic electronically controlled 9 speed automatic transmission g56 6 speed manual references, g56 transmission for sale rebuild xtreme performance - until mid 2005 when dodge decided to use the mercedes built g56 transmission this robust 6 speed who is stronger and handled more torque than its first two predecessors and unlike the 5600 it was not prone to failures because of fluid distribution issues, mb g56 6 mercedes benz factory fill cumminsforum com - i personally beleive that dodge chose atf 4 to save money by not having to buy a separate oil just for the trucks with a g56 to help with fuel mileage and knowingly took the risk that most ram trucks would not get used hard enough to cause damage to the transmission while still under thier warranty